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APA Publishes Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Toolkit for Journal Editors

November 10, 2021 – APA Journals is proud to share our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Toolkit for Journal Editors.

As shepherds of their field’s science and practice, journal editors are uniquely positioned to enable equitable and inclusive practices at every stage of the research and publication process. The toolkit offers more than 30 recommended actions journal editors can take to promote equity and inclusion in their journals and includes sections on:

  • methods for promoting inclusivity and diversity in a journal
  • inclusive reporting standards for authors
  • mechanisms for promoting equity through open science
  • tips for improving editorial board representation
  • reviewer resources for inclusive peer review
  • additional published resources
  • an EDI checklist for journal editors

Prospective authors, reviewers, and publishing industry professionals can also use this toolkit to identify ways to make their research, peer review, and publishing processes more equitable and inclusive.

The toolkit is part of broader efforts by APA Publishing to implement its EDI Framework that guides APA’s mission toward a scholarly publishing program that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive in its composition, goals, policies, standards, operations, practices, culture, and climate.



Melanie Dolechek | Executive Director| Society for Scholarly Publishing

Kicking-off a video series highlighting certain profiles, organizations, or topics relevant to DE&I.

February 2021

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