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C4DISC has assembled this collection of presentations covering various equity, inclusion, diversity and accessibility topics. If you know of video resources that would be helpful for our community to know about, please let us know at

New Resources

  • Demographic Information in Peer Review Systems: Challenges and Solutions
    • Insufficient representation among editorial leadership, editorial boards, authors, and reviewers remains a key barrier to promoting an inclusive and equitable scholarly publishing industry (Buchanan, et al., 2021; Hanson, et al., 2020; Roberts, et al., 2020; & Roh, et al., 2020). The systematic exclusion of groups including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), women, gender non-conforming people, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and members of the disability community from scholarly communications is harmful to both the integrity of the scientific review and publication process and to those individuals’ careers (Roh & Inefuku, 2016). Collecting, measuring, and using demographic data to improve these gaps in representation are important mechanisms for enabling an equitable and inclusive scholarly publishing environment. This session will offer perspectives from several scholarly publishing professionals about how their organizations are collecting and using author and reviewer demographic information to improve representation and inclusion in the peer review and publication process. Speakers will address questions around challenges and solutions for collecting demographic data; they will also offer actions for addressing, measuring, and mitigating bias in peer review to create a more socially just science. Demographics differ by country and region, and so this session will offer global perspectives on these issues. Sponsored by SSP’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.
    • Moderator: Rebecca (Becs) Kirk, PLOS
    • Speakers: Combined slides available
      Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Elsevier
      Dan Rogers, Oxford University Press
      Alex Mendonça, SciELO
  • From Recognition to Action: Strategies for Developing Diversity Training for Editors (C4DISC and SSP collaboration)
    • Editors play a crucial role in the publication process and are keystones to promoting an inclusive and respectful environment for their contributors. Recognizing that editors are the key to improving equity, diversity, and inclusivity in their journals and books, several publishers have developed formal diversity trainings or written resources for their editors. In this webinar, we will hear from publishers and subject matter experts as they recount their experiences and lessons learned in developing diversity and anti-bias training specifically for editors.
    • Moderator: Ana Heredia, Independent Consultant
    • Speakers:
      • Stephanie Pollack, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Lead, American Psychological Association, slides available
      • Annie Hill, Editorial Director, American Psychological Association
      • Shaina Lange, Manager, Publishing Integrity Office, American Chemical Society, slides available
      • Dr. Joseph Williams, Associate Professor, University of Virginia, Affirm Consulting LLC, CEO, slides available

Free Resources

Toolkit for Equity>>
Moderator: Jocelyn Dawson | Speakers: Jamaal Thompson and Erin Landis
Source: SSP, C4DISC

Ensuring Equitable Participation In Open Science>>
Moderators: Rebecca Kirk, Allison Leung | Speakers: Arianna Becerril-García, Haseeb Irfanullah, Laura Hanscom
Source: SSP, C4DISC

Antiracism Toolkits for Allies in Scholarly Publishing (PLENARY) »
Speakers: Jocelyn Dawson, Nicole Coggins, Gisela Fosado
Source: ISMTE

Crossing Boundaries: Encouraging Diversity  »
Speakers: Margaret-Ann Armour
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Digital Equality: The Importance of Accessibility in Your Publishing Strategy  »
Speakers: Atul Goel, Pamela Starr, PhD, Caroline Desrosiers, and Mike Groth
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communications »
Speakers: Lauren Bosc and Antonia Pop
Source: Canadian Association of Learned Journals

From Diversity to Inclusion and Equity  »
Speakers: Susan Spilka, Amy Diehl, and Jessica Gedamu
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Navigating International Communications in Scholarly Publishing
Speakers: Noriaki Horiuchi, Thina Hedbom, Anita Judd
Source: ISMTE

Toward a Diverse Workforce in Scholarly Publishing: Strategies, Tactics and Lessons Learned  »
Speakers: Rebecca McLeod, Jesus Hernandez, Charles Brandquist, Helen Atwan, and Gita Manaktala
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Understanding Gender and Diversity in Your Publications  »
Speakers: Jon Gurstelle, Paige Wooden, Ann Gabriel, Maricruz Ariana Osorio, and Mala Htun
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Why Inclusion Matters to Technology and Technology Matters to Inclusion  »
Speakers: Betsy Beaumon
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Workplace Equity in the Scholarly Publishing Industry — Survey Report and Panel Discussion  »
Speakers: Susan Spilka, Simone Taylor, Jeri Watcher, Wendy Newsham, Susan King, and Matt Giampoala
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Resources available for purchase

Bringing Diverse Perspectives into Scholarly Marketing »
Speakers: Colleen Scollans, Dean Smith, Kasia Repeta
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Changing Workplace Culture Through Bystander Intervention » 
Speakers: Randy Townsend, Daena Giardella, Erika Valenti, Scott Solder, Sabby Kaur, Donna Blancero
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Forging Paths Toward Equity in Scholarly Publishing »
Speakers: Paula Fontana, Juliet Harrison, Kate Smith, Simon Holt
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Publishing for Everyone » 
Speakers: Simon Holt, Lettie Conrad, Stephanie Rosen, Bill Kasdorf, Heather Staines
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Solving Problems with and for the Problem Solvers » 
Speakers: Lori Samuels, Alice Meadows, Sylvia Izzo Hunter, Parinay Malik, Simon Holt, Bruce Rosenblum, Catherine Harding-Wiltshire
Source: Society for Scholarly Publishing