Workplace Equity Survey 2018

The Workplace Equity Project has compiled the results of The WE Survey.


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Results find that there are imbalances in diversity inherent in the workforce (96% with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, 76% female, 83% heterosexual, 81% White, and 89% report no disabilities) and that outcomes diverge for respondents based on their gender and ethnicity, highlighting distinct inequities in the workplace. The leadership profile is more male (33% vs21%), and more White (91% vs81%) than the sample as a whole. Moreover, those respondents with characteristics more reflective of the leadership profile are more likely to report that they believe they are fairly compensated, recognized by the leadership, and have fair opportunities for advancement. The article recommends improvements to current practice in recruitment, sponsorship and advocacy, and staff retention to drive change towards creating a more equitable, inclusive workforce.

The data that support the findings of this study are openly available in the IPCSR data archive at

The Workplace Equity Project (WE) conducted a global survey to capture data about workplace experiences, practices, and opportunities in the scholarly publishing industry. The WE survey was open to everyone who works in this sector as publishers, service providers, and across the spectrum of related organizations, companies, and consultancies.

WE survey solicited industry participants for response from 31 January to 23 March 2018. The WE Survey is now closed.

The survey was crowd-sourced and reviewed by a diverse team of industry professionals to ensure that the questions are oriented to a global audience, cover relevant areas, and do not contain inherent bias.  To encourage widespread participation in the survey, we have secured endorsements from major industry organizations.  The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers (STM), National Federation of Advanced Information Systems (NFAIS), and UN Women UK will assist in its promotion and distribution to their members and followers.


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