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C4DISC Partners are organizations whose business/work is related to scholarly communications who wish to support the work of C4DISC. Examples may include publishers, libraries, industry suppliers, etc.

C4DISC partners must:

  • Publicly adopt the Joint Statement of Principles
  • Contribute financially to C4DISC annually at any of the defined partnership levels.
Level Amount
Bronze $1000
Silver up to $2500
Gold up to $5000

C4DISC partners are encouraged to:

  • Participate in C4DISC market research initiatives
  • Participate in working groups
  • Inform employees about the work of C4DISC
  • Provide feedback regarding C4DISC initiatives

C4DISC Partners will be acknowledged as partners on the C4DISC website at the appropriate level.

Benefits: Recognition of Support (public acknowledgement that mission aligns with C4DISC principles); have a voice in C4DISC initiatives; participate in working groups; be actively connected with a group that has a common DEI goal and common values.