Gold Level Partners

  1. ACS Publications
  2. California Digital Library
  3. Elsevier
  4. Knowledge Futures Group
  5. National Communication Association
  6. ORCID
  7. PLOS
  8. ProQuest LLC
  9. SAGE
  10. Wiley

Silver Level Partners

  1. AIP Publishing
  2. Annual Reviews
  3. ASME
  4. Origin Editorial, LLC
  5. Oxford University Press
  6. Springer Nature
  7. Taylor & Francis Group

Bronze Level Partners

  1. Emory University Libraries
  2. Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press
  3. Iowa State University Library
  4. Princeton University Press
  5. SOPHE Society for Public Health Education
  6. University of Minnesota Libraries

Honorary Partners

  • PubPub

Become a Partner Now>> 

C4DISC Partners are organizations whose business/work is related to scholarly communications who wish to support the work of C4DISC. Examples may include publishers, libraries, industry suppliers, etc.

C4DISC partners must:

  • Publicly adopt the Joint Statement of Principles
  • Contribute financially to C4DISC annually at any of the defined partnership levels.
Level Amount
Bronze $250 to $1000
Silver up to $2500
Gold up to $5000

C4DISC partners are encouraged to:

  • Participate in C4DISC market research initiatives
  • Participate in working groups
  • Inform employees about the work of C4DISC
  • Provide feedback regarding C4DISC initiatives

C4DISC Partners will be acknowledged as partners on the C4DISC website at the appropriate level.

Benefits: Recognition of Support (public acknowledgement that mission aligns with C4DISC principles); have a voice in C4DISC initiatives; participate in working groups; be actively connected with a group that has a common DEI goal and common values.