The Problem Solvers You Don’t Know About Yet: Valuing Disability in the Publishing Industry

In this Scholarly Kitchen guest post, Katy Alexander (Digital Science), Becky Degler (Wiley) and Simon Holt (Elsevier) explain why the scholarly communications industry would benefit from being more inclusive in its recruitment and development of people with disabilities, highlighting the particular skills they bring to our industry. 

Let’s get right down to it. This post is about increasing disability inclusion in the publishing industry. It’s about highlighting the qualities that people with disabilities bring to the workplace. It’s about showing that employing people with disabilities gives organizations a competitive advantage, rather than just being the ‘right thing to do’. It’s about ensuring that the next time a candidate with a disability enters an interview room, the hiring manager sees the value of their skills and experience for the organization, rather than seeing only potential limitations and shortcomings.

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Originally published in The Scholarly Kitchen.