An interview by Outsell For Startups with WE advisor Anthea Stratigos

“Data speaks volumes. Outsell discovered that just 6% of the top 350 companies in our industry are run by women, and only 22% of their C-suites are composed of women, and many of these positions are in marketing or HR. In this week’s special edition interview, I asked Anthea Stratigos to sit down with me and discuss the ever lasting hot topic of diversity. I dug into the age-old questions of why and what companies can do to change these cultural dynamics. The result: an interview covering Anthea’s professional journey, how companies are successfully handling diversity, and a view into the Outsell Women’s Conference, a flagship event with an impressive panel creating a one day knowledge dump. I’m calling it an MBA in a day, with speakers such as Ann Korologos kicking the event off. Many thanks to Anthea for giving me the time, and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.”

Originally published by the Workplace Equity Project.