Call for Volunteers: Antiracism Toolkits

In August 2020, we launched the Antiracism Toolkit for Allies, the first of three planned toolkits that provide a common framework and best practices for disrupting racism and creating scholarly publishing communities where everyone thrives. We are now beginning work on two additional toolkits: one for organizations and one for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). The Antiracism Toolkit for BIPOC will provide advice on safely navigating predominantly white spaces that may feel exclusionary, building mentorship relationships, expanding career paths, advocating for change, and self-care. 

The Antiracism Toolkit for Organizations will provide tools for understanding institutionalized racism, broadening hiring and recruiting, working to correct bias, including historically marginalized perspectives in decision making, and creating affinity groups and mentorship programs. The guides are hosted by the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communications (C4DISC) at

We are now seeking volunteers for the toolkits for Organizations and for BIPOC. We are seeking contributing writers, peer reviewers, copy editors, and proofreaders, in addition to co-leaders for the project. The bulk of project work will take place between January and May 2021. To volunteer, please complete the Working Group Application at C4DISC and indicate whether you are interested in the organizational or BIPOC guide in the “Working Group(s) Requested” field. Applications are requested by December 8, 2020.