SSP Session — The Glass Ceiling You Don’t Know About Yet: Removing Barriers for People with Disabilities at Work

Monday, May 24 | SSP

This session highlights some of the barriers that people with different types of disabilities face in their publishing careers, and it will suggest some ways that these could be broken down and overcome. The session will look at the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding, working and development, assessing how organizations can better serve the 15% of the global workforce that have a disability. We will look at both physical and neurological disabilities, remembering that 80% of disabilities are “invisible”—that is, not visible to others. We will also hear from someone who works to increase disability inclusion in the workplace, offering insight into what some organizations in our sector are doing to be more disability inclusive. You will leave this session with some practical ideas as to what you can do to make your organization more disability confident. The emphasis will be on grassroots initiatives that can be started by individuals, underlining that we all have the ability to help create positive change.