Passed our 100-member milestone for Adoptees of the Statement of Principles!

C4DISC is honored and excited to announce that we’ve passed our 100-member milestone! The Coalition was founded by 10 trade and professional associations across the publishing and scholarly communications industry. We set out to discuss and address the diversity and inclusion issues we face as a community.


When we came together, we had the data to show that there was a noticeable lack of gender equality and ethnic diversity inside of our workforce. We knew there was a problem but how could we contribute to fixing it? That’s where our members come in.


Our founding organizations band together to create a charter and action plan. Some of these included a joint statement of principles which focuses on a commitment to accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion. As of this post, more than 105 international organizations agreed to live by these principles to promote these practices within their own organizations. The impact we can have as a collective is far greater than one group can do on their own. Therefore, we are so thrilled to reach and surpass our 100-member mark. It signifies to our communities that we are working towards betterment. Progress is within reach, and it is because of our members that this is true.


So, we’d like to say thank you. Thank you for joining us in this critical effort, for the time you’ve volunteered, for the ideas you’ve raised, but most importantly for stepping up to do the right thing.


Want to learn more about what C4DISC and our members are doing to create change? Start with our Toolkit for Equity, join one of the current Working Groups, propose your own Working Group, or consider becoming a Member or Partner!

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