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The first Toolkit for Equity, Toolkit for Organizations, was founded in The Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute. Please consider submitting a proposal for this event.

The Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute invites you to participate in SCI 2022, its seventh year in North Carolina’s Research Triangle region. This year’s theme will be Reckoning, Care, and Repair, and the program will take place from October 9 to 13, in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Sadly, we had to cancel SCI 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID pandemic, but we are hoping to be able to resume this October – see below and our pandemic FAQ page for information about COVID safety protocols and contingency planning.

TriangleSCI is not your typical academic conference – it’s four days of concentrated but relaxed time with a diverse cohort of individuals who have come to start new projects they have proposed, in teams they have built and with advice and contributions from participants on other teams and a set of interlocutors and experts who work across teams.

You set the agenda, and you define the deliverables – TriangleSCI provides the scaffolding for your team to develop its project. If your team’s proposal is selected, SCI will cover all the costs for team members to participate, including travel, meals, and accommodations, including for international participants. For more information about how TriangleSCI works, see the FAQ and links from previous years of SCI.

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