Wiley Survey: Society Members on Diversity, Sustainability

August 25, 2022   |   Porter Anderson


Roughly three-quarters of respondents to Wiley’s academic-society survey said they want societies to ‘take the lead’ on diversity.


From its Hoboken offices, Wiley on Wednesday (August 24) messaged the news media about results of a survey it has made relative to “learned societies” in the academic research community. This survey was conducted by Broadview Analytics and included 1,255 respondents from the research community.
“A combination of analytical techniques was used in the analysis,” we’re told, “including factor analysis, regression trees and comparison group testing. The testing was conducted with 99-percent confidence.”

Responses came from 118 countries and from people working in at least 40 disciplines, Wiley says.

The largest number of responses came from Europe (22 percent) followed by Asia-Pacific (17 percent, up from 13 percent last year), the United States (16 percent), Central Asia (15 percent), and Africa (15 percent). Subject-wise, social science was the largest group at 10 percent, followed by engineering, business, finance, and accounting.


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