KF Pro Bono Services Advance Anti-racism and Structural Justice with Latest Release of C4DISC Resources

Knowledge Futures Group    |    Nov 09, 2022


The Knowledge Futures (KF) has positioned itself at the intersection of tech and academia; two fields that require serious improvement when it comes to diversity and inclusion. While racial and gender equality sit at the forefront of our mind, existing structures for academic success lead to additional marginalized voices in humanities departments, small research universities, and other non-R1, non-STEM institutions and groups. We’ve set the groundwork for several initial avenues for including these voices. One avenue where this took shape is through our pro bono work policy and collaborations with the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Publishing (C4DISC). Our pro bono work initiative, which allocates up to 10% of staff time, began in 2021 in hopes of addressing inequalitis within the knowledge ecosystem.


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