Community Spotlight : Interview of Dr. Simone Taylor, co-founder of the Workplace Equity Project; and Publisher

Does the science publishing workforce reflect the diversity of the general population? And why, in the female-dominated world of publishing, do women fill relatively few management positions? Why is diversity important? Cue: Dr. Simone Taylor, publisher and co-founder of the Workplace Equity Project. An advocate for fair access to resources and opportunities for all demographics, Simone explains why it is important to address these questions, and how the Workplace Equity Project’s Survey aims to do this. Read on to hear more about equity in publishing from a strong voice in this ongoing dialogue.

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Nia Cason: Hello Simone, could you tell me about your professional background? What was the subject of your thesis?
Simone Taylor: My thesis was based on magnetic ceramics. Ceramic components made from powders are typically manufactured by what’s called a mixed oxide or solid state route, and all that means is the powders are mixed together to form a homogeneous mixture, then processed and sintered to get the finished component. 

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Originally published by the Workplace Equity Project.