Wiley Survey: Society Members on Diversity, Sustainability

Porter Anderson   |   August 25, 2022

Roughly three-quarters of respondents to Wiley’s academic-society survey said they want societies to ‘take the lead’ on diversity.

Responses from 118 Countries, 40+ Disciplines


Wiley’s far-flung work in scholarly and academic publishing has prompted it to promote itself and its services heavily to “society leaders,” and the survey its public relations operatives are touting results particularly in two areas–”DE&I,” which is the ubiquitous shorthand for diversity, equality, and inclusivity, and sustainability. Because we prefer to avoid asking our international readers to keep up with a lot of acronyms, we will refer to “DE&I” simply as diversity.

“The number of women responders to our survey has stayed steady at 36 percent for the third year running.” Wiley survey discussion

Among top-line results, 74 percent of respondents said that it was important for learned societies to “take the lead” in diversity, and that point is specialized in areas of racial and ethnic representation in this case.


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