Share Your Views and Stories – The Workplace Equity Survey 2023 has launched!

C4DISC has launched the Workplace Equity Survey 2023 to assess DEIA progress to assess how workplaces in the scholarly publishing industry have (or haven’t) changed since the first survey in 2018. We welcome your personal stories of your lived experiences and perceptions – the access or barriers to opportunity, inclusivity, and equity you are encountering.

Please take time to complete the 2023 WE Survey which will be accessible from May 29-June 30, 2023. Please also share widely within your workplace and amongst relevant scholarly communication networks. C4DISC hopes to exceed the nearly 1,200 respondents who completed the 2018 effort. The more people who participate and complete all sections of the survey, the more accurate a reading it will capture on the workplace experience in scholarly publishing.

You can also find the full background information about the 2023 survey here on the C4DISC site.